Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Update

Okay, so January got away from me without a post... Christmas finally got put away around the middle of the month and then I zeroed in on my responsibilities as VP on the state board for American Mothers. This past Saturday we had our Honors Gala and Silent Auction at the Wright House Garden Reception Center in Mesa. We announced and honored Arizona's new Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year. It's going to be an exciting year as we work to honor, mentor and celebrate mothers across our state. I'm currently in the midst of the state-wide 5th grade essay contest on "Why I love my Mom". Next month we will introduce the new Mothers of the Year to the State Legislator. In April we have the 75th Diamond Jubilee Celebration at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City! And in May we are doing a Moms Fun Run.

And in between meetings and emails and planning and laundry and cooking and cleaning and everything else, I'm working on some new ornaments designs for this season. Christmas may be far away, but the factory needs my stuff by May!

Put another candle on the cake for my oldest son Matt... #26... shhhh.... he doesn't want anyone to know how old he is! Ha! To be so young! He is graduating in Computer Science/Information Systems from BYU Hawaii in April.... FINALLY! So we are planning our trip over there for all the festivities! In honor of his birthday here are 26 things I love about Matt: 1. beautiful blue eyes, 2. he's the tallest in the family at 6'2", 3. loves anything I fix him to eat, 4. loves apple pie the most, 5. doesn't complain about not getting pb&j sandwiches at home, 6. served a faithful mission to Argentina, 7. loves his Hawaiian paradise, 8. has a strong testimony of the church/Savior, 9. not afraid to try food from all different countries, 10. he's a loyal friend, 11. has learned to be financially responsible for himself, 12. has learned to cook a few things (I think???), 13. gets good grades in school, 14. speaks Spanish fluently (hopefully still), 15. has a very kind heart, 16. computer smart, 17. figured out how to build a computer (with his dad), 18. plays the piano (a few songs), 19. plays the ukulele, 20. great guitar player, 21. writes and sings songs, 22. wrote me a Mothers' day song a few years ago, 23. sets a great example for his younger siblings, 24. is emerging into a wonderful young man, 25. independent thinker, and 26. tells me he loves me whenever we talk on the phone!!

Jon is busy in school and doing woodworking and serving as the Elders Quorum President. He ran his first 1/2 marathon last week and did really well! I call him the energizer bunny because he never stops moving! He has officially been home for one year now... he came home on February 2nd (my birthday) last year. He is such a help to me around the house and our house is always in a perpetual state of woodworking or other home improvement projects.

Josh is hoping to be transferred since he has been in the same area for about 8 months. We had a wonderful phone call a couple of Sundays ago from the wife of the branch president where he has been serving. She told me how much they love Josh and the whole branch is fired up about missionary work thanks to his powerful talks and enthusiasm. He is giving 200% to the Lord and we are so proud of him. I miss him so much but I am so grateful for his dedication and sacrifice. We are truly being blessed.

Katelyn shows a real talent for the violin and is progressing well. I wish I could say that about her school work! Sixth grade has been a challenge and I'm not sure how to get her better focused. She loves going to Young Womens and got to do baptisms for the dead a couple of weeks ago at 5 in the morning!!

Mark works and works and works... long days... his company is busy and growing. But we are grateful for a job considering how many are struggling. I am learning to be supportive and hope that at some point things will slow down for him.

So that pretty much sums up our January and life for the last few months... Kind of a boring post but this blog is also my journal...

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